Note: All of our clients have signed non-disclosure agreements requesting us NOT to share their identity. Most doctors do not want people to know they hired a PR firm to help them achieve national recognition.

Instead, we will share references from journalists, as well as an example article published by Brandon Lewis, President of Win More Patients. Just like Brandon's article below, you will be published as a guest author with magazines and news outlets.

Article with Fortune Magazine

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References From Journalists

Below are a few references from journalists and writers at various magazines and news outlets about Win More Patients:

"Without the effort of a company such as Win More Patients, it's entirely likely that I'd never end up connecting with the right expert source at all. I could make cold calls and send emails for hours, but if it's going straight to an administrative employee at that doctor's busy practice, I'd have better luck speaking with a doctor on the record if I scheduled a phony appointment in hopes of getting a few minutes of face time. (And no – I certainly wouldn't recommend actually doing that, let alone the dire alternative, being forced to rely solely on internet research!)

As a journalist, I'm always juggling dozens of things at once. Multiple deadlines, numerous interviews, different types of research, a constantly rotating cast of editors to appease, tracking down imagery, finding new sources, and so much more. That makes the work of a company such as Win More Patients truly invaluable.

They know what I'm looking for, when I need it, who to turn to, and how to get the job done so that I can get mine done as well. Plus, I know I won't have to deal with delays, PR fluff, pitches that will never work for me, missed deadlines, or unresponsiveness assistance.

It's on-demand, high quality, and tailored, and it's absolutely irreplaceable. Regardless of the field or topic you're covering, a PR firm that can seamlessly do all of the above, while understanding my own needs and interests, is one I'll always want to work with, and one I'll continue to value and depend upon. "

Jake Enem
Writer for Washington Post

"I’ve found that Win More Patients is an example of a PR firm that works with journalists. PR firms have a complicated role: Not only do they work for their clients, but in order to be effective, they also have to work with journalists, understanding journalism ethics, the needs of individual journalists, and innately understand what makes a good story. Win More Patients takes the time to actually understand a journalist’s beat, which isn’t just understanding that a journalist covers healthcare.

They understand the journalist’s audience, knowing if they primarily write for millennial women or baby-boomer men. They understand the importance of providing experts who can speak not only to that journalist, but to the audience she’s trying to reach. For example, one pet peeve I have when I work with certain PR companies is that they provide experts who certainly know their field, but aren’t necessarily trained to be able to break down jargon into easily understandable quotations, resulting in wordy quotes that require extensive back-and-forth in the revision process."

Anna Davies
Writer for The Oprah Magazine

“Firms like Win More Patients, that provide expert doctor sources to journalists, are trying to make journalists lives easier by fine tuning how they approach the media. After all, the show must go on. There is still news to report and there are stories to tell, so PR firms that are reliable and connect journalists to trustworthy sources are a solid leg for the news and publishing cycles to lean on.

If I know the same email was blasted to every other editor at any major publication, I’m less likely to pay attention and to respond. On the other hand, if a publicist makes it clear they’ve done their research on what I cover and has information to support why they feel this is a good story for me to tell, that sounds like someone I want to work with. Even when it’s not an exclusive opportunity, it pays to be personal, and that’s why firms like Win More Patients are focusing on the quality of their pitches over the quantity of them.

My favorite saying is 'cut the fluff,' meaning get to the point. Writers have a limited amount of space to tell a story and get a point across, so we have a zero-tolerance policy for fluffy language that’s just delaying what someone really wants to say. We live and breathe this rule in our writing, and deep down, we hold publicists to the same standards.

It’s also something Win More Patients is catching on to, declaring a no-nonsense, fluff-free approach when pitching their clients to media outlets. It’s smart because delaying the point in a pitch and dressing it up with unnecessary language is usually a good sign the publicist is overcompensating for the lack of a good story potential.”

Catherine Conelly
Writer for Shape Magazine

“Most health journalists already need doctors as sources, so Win More Patients is meeting that need instead of trying to create a need that just isn’t there. Win More Patients’ employees actually read journalists’ articles before contacting them - and keep up with their writing as their relationship develops - so they only pitch what’s relevant to them and don’t pitch anything they’ve already written.

The experts I consult again and again are the ones who respond promptly, explain themselves clearly, and are open to talking in the manner most convenient for me, whether that’s phone or email. Win More Patients, for example, carefully chooses its sources to make sure their quotes get to the point, use everyday language, and don’t include any fluff or self-promotion. They also immediately respond to requests for images, answer follow-up questions, and provide whatever journalists request."

Suzannah Weiss
Writer for Women’s Health Magazine

"Good PR firms are an enormous help. They source case studies, find experts, provide high-quality images, and offer a wealth of information that makes my life a whole lot easier. They respect deadlines responding quickly to emails and calls, and have read my work, so only contact me with stories that fall within my remit.

The Win More Patients staff are professional, friendly and courteous. They respond to emails and phone calls promptly, and provide the images and information requested as soon as the journalist asks for it, and in good time to meet pressing deadlines. What’s more, they spend the time reading each writer’s columns and articles in order to understand their beat. This means they know what stories are right for the journalist and which stories are not.

When companies seek PR firms for media coverage it’s important to choose a reputable organisation… crucially one that has a clear understanding of how journalists work and what makes a good story."

Jo Carlowe
Writer for Cosmopolitan Magazine

"Good publicists save journalists valuable time. If we aren’t spending hours researching new leads and sources, we have time to actually write or report about the topic. So the best publicists are the ones who help journalists be the best at their job by saving them time, providing them with value and helping them do it all within deadline.

One PR firm that not only has these (not so basic) basics figured out, but really aims to make every journalist’s job easier is Win More Patients, a firm specializing in providing medical experts to journalists, while simultaneously providing meaningful press hits for the medical professionals who are their clients. The Win More Patients team has a reputation for respecting journalists’ deadlines by responding to their requests quickly and providing accurate information, while also understanding each journalist’s beat, so as to never waste time pitching useless information. Win More Patients also has a knack for seeing a good story and making sure those good stories get the attention they deserve."

Emily Foley
Writer for Glamour Magazine

"The best PR firms are courteous, quick to respond, and honest and transparent; they don’t over-promise or under-deliver. They honor the deadlines to which they commit (and make sure their clients do, too.) When they pitch a source or a company, they do their research—they won’t send you something or someone that’s of no use to you, just to please a client.

It can be difficult to pin down a doctor, and especially difficult to track down a specialist. But through Win More Patients, you will have dozens of expert medical sources at your disposal, ready to talk about everything from nutrition to plastic surgery. When it comes to the agency itself is quick to respond to emails and phone calls, and its employees won’t waste your time pitching fluff pieces you have no interest in reporting. (Instead, they research journalists to understand their beats and interests.) The agency will meet its deadlines, providing images along with expert quotes and other accurate content."

Jillian Kramer
Writer for TIME

"Brandon and his team have been fantastic to work with. They have provided me leads on amazing stories and have been available and responsive along the publication process. They take their work seriously and are committed to sharing great stories."

Leadership writer for Forbes

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